Happy Valentines Day! Did you make plans? My wife and I have made it a tradition on holidays to go out and buy some groceries and make something fancy at home rather than go out to a nice restaurant. Neither of us are really avid cooks but we love to do it together. That’s the plan for us plus I’m sneaking a little surprise for her ;)

This is another segment in a short called “A Spy Among Us.” If you’re new to it you can go back to the beginning to catch up here. If you’re new to Pea Green Coffee Cup, then you’re welcome to swing by the “Cast page” to catch up on who is who in the main characters.  I had a particularly fun time drawing this comic and the last one. I used to draw little fighting ninja comics in my notebooks when I was in middle school and trade them with friends. I also love to draw comics that make me laugh out loud as I work on them. Maybe I’m just going insane. I am getting close to 150! A small milestone for some but for me, this is my first and longest running comic strip. I’m really excited about it and the future.

Oh- one last thing! I know I’m late to the party but I started a tumblr… Jared Loves To Draw to collect my sketches and stuff in between posts on either of my sites. You can follow me there or on twitter at @jared_cullum